NEW Miko Mini Robot - $50 (High Point)

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[MEET MIKO MINI] The advanced robot, enhances children's potential through its advanced brain, nurturing personality, and a diverse range of educational STEAM content. Kids using Miko experience a remarkable 55% boost in engagement with academic activities. Powered by deep-learning AI, Miko continuously learns more about your child every day. Leveraging that, Miko Mini sparks curiosity and fosters exploration in young minds. By introducing captivating topics, Miko Mini ensures kids remain enthusiastic about learning and eager to delve into the wonders of the world.

[ADAPTIVE LEARNING] - Miko's advanced AI nurtures children's confidence in learning. It crafts personalized plans that encompass reading, writing, math, and communication, enhancing their critical thinking skills. With Miko, every child embarks on a tailored educational adventure, ensuring holistic development.

[EXPLORE WITH MIKO] Miko Mini transports the world straight into your home, offering content handpicked by international experts. It introduces young minds to varied cultures, ideas, and breakthroughs, setting them up for a world without borders. Enjoy exclusive content from renowned brands like Paramount Consumer Products, and Disney, easily accessible on tablets, iPads, and more.

[SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT] Miko Mini, the cool robot buddy that makes learning super fun! It's not just about books and numbersโ€”Mini also helps kids become social superstars. Imagine boosting positivity, self-esteem, developing empathy, and understanding emotionsโ€”Mini got it covered! A personalized wholesome experience for kids' development.

[SAFE FOR KIDS] A closed system with enhanced encryption ensures that every byte of your family's data is protected. Miko Mini is kidSAFE COPPA+ certified, it's serious about your family's security.
[ENDLESS FUN] - There's never a dull moment with Miko Mini! It's constantly exploring for fun, prompting you to play, and encouraging you to think critically. From fun facts and stories to fresh daily activities, Miko Mini keeps you on your toes as you dance, joke and learn hours away. A best friend youโ€™ll love.

[STRESS FREE PARENTING] - The Miko Parent App streamlines your parenting journey. Set goals for your kids that align with your unique parenting style and values. With the App, you can track progress through analytics, customize settings, and ensure security.

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