NEW Magnetic VR Gunstock Oculus Quest 2 - $40 (High Point)

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Single-Magnetic : The front controller of the gunstock is connected by a magnet, while the rear controller is fixed to the gunstock. This design can help to prevent the gun from becoming unstable during intense gunfights, which is a common issue with dual-magnetic gunstocks. The front controller can be flexibly disassembled during gameplay, allowing you to switch weapons and use various other items.(The package contains only one magnetοΌ‰

Introducing our VR Stock, designed specifically for Oculus Quest 2 users! Say goodbye to clunky magazine replacements and hello to a more immersive gaming experience.The trigger controller is adjustable in three positions on the stock to accommodate different arm lengths and provide a comfortable shooting experience.

Smooth Magazine Replacement - When you're in the heat of the moment, the process of returning the controller to a cramped installation area to complete tasks like changing magazines can severely impact your performance. That's where our high-magnetic magnets come in - attached to the handle's accessory, they allow for effortless installation of the controller anywhere on the front of the metal tube.

Widely compatible - Our metal tube has enough room to freely adjust the position of the magazine controller, allowing you to use the Oculus Quest 2 stock with a variety of firearms. The trigger controller has three adjustable positions for a perfect fit, and it is securely mounted to the stock for a comfortable grip.

More Realistic Gaming Experience - Through extensive testing, we've found that placing the controller above the stock feels clunky and unnatural. That's why we've placed our bracket on top, providing a more authentic feel during gameplay with our VR stock. Additionally, unlike other accessories that require awkward tilting to avoid hitting the controller during magazine replacement, our product eliminates this issue altogether. Upgrade your Oculus Quest 2 gaming experience with our VR gunstock

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