NEW FERIETELF T6 Drone - $40 (High Point)

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Press-Push Child Protection Module Battery: When pulling out/inserting the battery, you need to use your thumb to press firmly on the snap part at the end of the battery module and push in the battery compartment at the same time. Note: Pushing directly into the battery will result in damage to the battery slot.

Altitude Hold: When the wind is less affected, this drone can hover automatically, this mode can ensure stable hovering at a certain height in the air. If the drone tilts to the left or right in the air, you need to use the trim button to assist with hovering.

360Β° Flip: Press the flip button and control the right joystick, the drone will rotate 360Β° in the air. press the β€œOne Key Start/Landing” button, and the drone will take off or land automatically. The drone contains a total of 3 flight speed modes, low speed for children and beginners.

Intelligent Alert: If the battery of the transmitter or drone is low, the transmitter and drone lights will flash to sound the alarm. Also when the drone exceeds the distance of 100 meters, the transmitter will also sound an alarm, you need to press the return home button.

Material Upgrade: The drone has a non-folding design, which increases the force area of the fuselage, while increasing the weight of the fuselage, making altitude maintenance and flight more stable, stronger wind resistance.

Long Time Flying: In normal flight mode, 2 rechargeable batteries each support 15 minutes, a total of 30 minutes. The battery can be replaced by simply plugging and unplugging. The battery pack is loaded with charge over-expansion protection and is safer to charge.

Please Note: The drone will need to be recalibrated before take-off and after it has tipped on its side. If you do not calibrate before take-off and do not take off on a level surface, then the drone will fly diagonally after take-off and will not be controlled by the remote control, and will be 100% lost.

Note: The T6 drone is not loaded with an SD card function and cannot use an SD card. Regarding the "Media Type = SD" attribute in the product properties, it is automatically captured by Amazon, which is wrong. The pictures or videos taken by the camera will be stored on your mobile phone by itself.

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