Professional Searching for Quality Housemate : Friendly Center Area (Near Wendover & Elam)

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I live in a nice house, in a prime, and safe location, and have been for 24 years.

Well-educated, 2nd generation American, (heritage from Europe), natural female, down to earth, and busy.
Everything works properly, as I am a diligent homeowner.

I am looking for 1 housemate, who is a Grad Student or more, (I will accept serious Undergrad students), or a Working Professional, who works a regular 9-5, or something close to that, who is a non drinker, except maybe rarely or occasionally, no liquor, no guns, (Not looking for people that have, or have had, issues with drugs and/or alcohol). Non-smoker, non-vaper, no e-cigs, and No criminal history, of any kind.

* A person that keeps his/her own area clean, and sleeps and wakes at normal hours, with no sleep disorders that disturb the house.

* A person that is kind-hearted, happy and healthy, and focused on moving in a positive direction in life, and always knows how to address any issue with comfortable lightness, and looks for a positive resolution, that is suitable and reasonable.

* Everything is included except your food, clothing, personal items, and laptop/phone. You help clean the areas that you use. No extra animals, as I have 1 indoor-outdoor cat, that is very clean, sweet, and no trouble.

** House is super-quiet, and nicely furnished, Neighborhood is gorgeous, and perfectly located.
3 bed/2 bath Brick Ranch Style House

The house share is $1200/mo. All Inclusive

** Well qualified individuals may leave their name and number, and the best time to call for phone interview, first.

** Will consider long-term for the right housemate, for less. Will send pics after phone conversation. Thanks !

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