Gutters, Decks, Siding and more

-Are you due for a new coat of paint in your house?
-Are your gutters still fastened on correctly?
-Are you in need of need gutters?
-Do your gutters pour over when it rains?
-Does your patio need an upgrade or maybe just need to be pressure washed and painted?
-Time to pressure wash and stain your back deck?
- Do you need your deck repaired or a complete build?
-Vinyl siding lose or just need an upgrade around your home?

Hi my name is Scooter with Scooters Decks, Gutters, and More. I have been sub contracting for some years now and have decided im done with that and would like to work with the customers myself so we can go ahead and take out the middle man of course if you go with the big companies they will only sub contract me the work and over charge you for the same work that I would provide at a cheaper cost with the same productivity.

I am skilled in various tasks including painting, small roof repairs, wood work, patio and deck work, installation of gutters, downspouts and leaf protection. Anything that needs to be done "around the house" that many of us have a hard time finding time for. This time of year can bring unwanted and unnecessary messes outside of our homes.

If you find yourself in need of deck or gutters which is my main specialty give us a call and see if we can't fix it all.
If interested please contact me through e-mail or by phone. And visit our Facebook page and drop a like if you would or see some of the work https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61556855032876&mibextid=ZbWKwL

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