$850 / 1br - Upstairs Floor Open for Right Alignment (Burlington, NC)

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I am seeking a housemate--the right fit is everything--that would be in alignment to live in my home with much of their own space. The place I have to offer is essentially the entire upstairs floor--recently painted--which has a semi-private entrance and includes 1 full bathroom, its own kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, and possible access to a guest room. (There is a third bedroom upstairs as well, but we will use that for our own storage and needs, in addition to our rare use of the guest room on occasion. However, we're not upstairs the majority of our time, so all those common areas beyond the individual's private bedroom--kitchen, bathroom, and living room--are entirely open for the sole use of whoever is a fit.)

We're in a great, quiet, and safe neighborhood centrally located close to downtown too. We’ve also been including everything (water, electric, and internet) with the monthly rate all together as one. Right now, while the pictures attached show the spaces being pretty much empty, there are a few additional furnishings around, which could be utilized or stored away as needed. (The primary bedroom can be completely empty if desired, although we could offer a bed and some light furnishings for it if needed also.) There is also a small couch and TV on a table in the living room. The kitchen has an oven and 3 mini-fridges, plus an additional mini-fridge in the living room. (I will post updated photos as soon as possible, but the those now here give an idea of the spaces in the meantime.) The most important element is finding the right fit, so ultimately, please just be in touch if you have any further interest, and we'll see if/how things might work.

While this upstairs space that is available would only be in use by the housemate living there primarily, my mother lives on the main floor, along with our 2 cats, which stay totally on that level in our area. (The upstairs is not an area we want any animals.) Mom is a retired elementary school teacher, and my partner and I are both in education as well. My mom stays to herself for the most part, lives simply, and enjoys cooking, crafts, gardening, and watching TV. While my partner and I may not be around as much ourselves, since we have another place in town available for us as well, we share and use space on the main floor too, and we're a little bit more dynamic in relative comparison to my mama. Among many hobbies, we both enjoy staying “tuned in” to exploring topics of spirituality, metaphysics, and consciousness, including concepts like astrology, healing, mediumship, and the like. (I even host occassional group gatherings, centered around such themes, on the main floor in my area from time to time, for like-minded camradareie with others.) Again, it’s not mandatory for someone else living here to also enjoy these things, but some degree of open-mindedness is definitely necessary for appreciating our home environment. We also value and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, including a regular gym routine, dancing, meditation, yoga, organic food, and regular excursions in nature. Reading and writing are also regular practices. My partner and loved ones are large parts of my active life, so I enjoy maintaining a space that is agreeably welcoming for all. (In addition to the main floor, there is also a great couple in the education and healthcare fields that lives with us down on the basement floor as well, but they have a completely separate entrance and space. Yes, the house has plenty of room to accommodate everyone comfortably.)

Overall, while the right housemate may have different or varying interests, they would certainly need to be fairly conscious of themselves and their actions. They would also have a reliable source of income, be respectful, be mindful, and have adequate communication skills for at least navigating the necessities of living in harmony as part of a larger home.

If any of this has sparked an interest as a possible fit for your needs, please be in touch to discuss further and see about scheduling an opportunity to meet in person and tour the space. Looking forward to co-creating an arrangement of mutual benefit for all :)

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