Beautiful Bully (Snow Camp)

Female tri-color American Bully, 50lbs.

Mouse will be a year old next month (born 6/22/23). She's completely vaccinated, boosted, licensed, spayed AND microchip'd. All records will be available, her chip isn't registered yet so it will be all yours.

Mouse needs a cat-free home. She's the sweetest and she loves to please. To be as tough on her as would be needed for her to be cat-safe, is just not fair to her.

Mouse is an Amazing girl- so fun, super-loving, so smart and she can fetch like a Rockstar. She knows Sit, Down, Wait, Heel and she's crate trained. She loves to hike and she's great off-leash. She's kind to every dog and every person we've met, she can play with every dog. Mouse is the enthusiastic, over-the-top joyful goofball, tomboy Bully girl. As you can see, she's stunningly beautiful.

It breaks my heart that I can't keep her.

I will be very choosy about her next home, I intend for it to be her forever home. There is a rehoming fee.

I'll be rehoming another Bully, a blue-fawn girl, born Nov. 14, 2023. She'll be spayed and chipped next week and will be available when she's recovered.

Her name is Penny, she's perfect with all ppl, dogs, cats- but she's not learning horse-boundaries. She wants to be right under their feet and even bit an ankle. She's been kicked or stepped on once(I didn't see it but I heard her yelp and she ran to me, limping). She's perfectly fine now but hasn't learned to stay safely away.

Penny's a superstar, she has a pink, heart-shaped freckle right above her adorable nose, everyone who meets her goes crazy about her little heart. She's more girly and silly than Mouse, but Penny is just as smart, happy and loving as Mouse.

Penny loves to carry toys and she melts into your arms. She's also super kind and knows all the same good dog behaviors. I'm mentioning her because special consideration will be given to a home that wants both girls. They love each other so much.

I'm sure that each can be just as happy without the other. I'm just putting it out there in case there's a perfect home for them together.

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