Shar pei - Pug puppies (Randleman)

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I have four, two males and two females, shar pei pug mix puppies. The boys have a white spot on their fore head.
Both parents are akc, the litter was a total accident & all proceeds are going to their spay and neuter. Mother is a pug, 15 lb and sire is a shar pei who is 50 lb.
Yes she birthed naturally and that was the moment we realize these aren’t pug puppies.

Please research the shar pei breed, and know they can be expensive to keep, they’ll require expensive food probably. They’re a sensitive breed and need early socialization, shar-pei are shy protective dogs & I need to fine FOREVER homes because it’s extremely hard to rehome shar pei, they’re grieve. They take so well to their owners and family, they’re very loyal. Pugs are very sweet, friendly - never met a stranger kind of dogs. You can’t just keep it outside, they’re sensitive to extreme temperatures, and prone to heat strokes, maybe sensitive to allergens. This is a dog you need to keep in your house but they’re very smart and potty train quickly, our shar pei we usually only have to tell him something once. Like i said, very intelligent.
Great with kids, both parents are great with kids, even babies.

These are going to be your 1 in a million kind of dog, the chill dog that listens to you, the old soul & will follow you everywhere. They’re currently litter box trained but will easily potty train.

Do not contact me if you’re looking for a dog but aren’t ready to commit to keeping said puppy for 10 or 15 years.

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