ISO LEAD GUITARIST for live band (Greensboro)

Hi all!

To preface, there is, unfortunately, a caveat to this ad. It would be highly preferred that the respondent is in their 20s, as the rest of the band ranges from 22-28 and the figurative leader is a bit uncomfortable with anyone over.

Alright, onwards!

A live band for an alt rock artist is in search of a new lead guitarist. Honestly, outside of the age requirement (I apologize!), we just ask that you be reliable. You don’t have to be Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton — it’s not like we’re absolute masters! — just ready to play some rock music and play some shows! :-)

We do already have a show booked in July and are in talks with other venues. We’ve got three covers at the ready, as well as three of the artist’s originals (and it’s definitely worth noting that, while we’re obviously meant to play like the recording, all instrumentalists have been given creative liberty if we think we have a cool idea or if a guitarist wants to throw a short solo in there!). I’ll link you to the originals upon contact!

That said, to give an overview of the style, as stated, we have three covers ready. CL took down a post I made when I stated the titles of them, so I’ll just… work around that. The covers are by The Pretty Reckless (she’ll lie and you’ll believe), The Smashing Pumpkins (he’s still just a rat in a cage), and Danzig (he wants to bang heads with you). More in the same style are likely to be added, but we figure it’d be a good idea to… you know… get that second guitarist first!

We’d love to have one as soon as possible! Again, you do not have to be… I don’t know, Jimmy Page (I’m a drummer, I’m just naming the most stereotypical ones!), just reliable and willing to work towards it! If you have to alter some things, that’s totally fine as long as it’s passable! (See also: drummer does not know the complexity level of these songs on the guitar.)

Hope to hear from you soon :-)

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