Curved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove - $1 (NC, VA, SC)

Curved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 1 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 2 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 3 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 4 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 5 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 6 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 7 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 8 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 9 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 10 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 11 thumbnailCurved/Straight Stair,Platform,Overhead/Floor Lifts – Sell/Rent/Remove 12 thumbnail
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Curved/Straight Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts, Patient Overhead/Floor Lifts - We Sell, Rent, Install, Service & Remove unwanted lifts systems.

Coronavirus Notes: We are aware of the concerns regarding the coronavirus. We would never allow an installer to work with any minor sign of illness. In addition, we will equip our installers with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) All equipment is cleaned and sanitized one additional time after install.

We work with new and refurbished Curved/Straight Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts, and Patient Overhead/Floor Lifts. As a NC General Contractor, we are fully able to adjust your home (if necessary) for proper lift installation and/or meet any of your other desired accessibility needs.

Whether you want to purchase or rent, we are able to offer very competitive pricing on our new and used products to make your home more accessible. All of our purchases are warrantied, and we maintain, at no added cost, all rentals for the entire duration, unless damaged by the user. Should you rent and later wish to buy, we offer rent-to-own options. We even offer short term rentals as brief as 1 month, monthly thereafter. (If, for example, a family member was visiting for the holidays or a hip replacement.)

If you are in need, we are able to install very quickly. Whether we come to measure your home or we work with you to provide the necessary measurements, we are reasonably able to install in-stock lifts two business days from receiving measurements and your confirmation. We maintain a robust stock of refurbished stair, platform, and ceiling/floor lifts to ensure quick response. In very time-sensitive circumstances, we have even installed next day. Just call and we will visit and get you an estimate for a solution that will meet your needs.

We understand the expense associated with accessibility, and we can work with you to meet your needs. Our warrantied refurbished products can allow you or your loved one to receive the same mobility and comfort at a more attainable price.

We also provide other access and mobility products that help users with mobility issues age in place, perform their activities of daily living, live at home instead of at a facility or just get over that broken bone or joint replacement. So, contact us for home modifications, lifts of all kinds (stair, porch, ceiling, rolling, chair), door openers, shower chairs, grab bars and more.

Our firm is Image Management, LLC. We were established in Raleigh, NC in 1992 and now serve all of NC and some parts of VA and SC. We are fully licensed and Insured.
NC General Contractor License #55125.
Our office number is 919-829-1479. Ask for Brian!
You can also call and send pictures and measurements to 919-522-0538.
Please include your phone number for a faster response to your inquiry.

Please visit our company “home accessibility” overview page: www.image-management.com/access
And, our specific product pages for:
You will see a questionnaire and measurement tool linked on our stair lift and platform lift pages.

See our Craigslist ads by searching for our company name: "Image Management, LLC"

Stair lifts allow the rider to sit and ride up your stairs. A stair lift consists of a track installed on your stairs plus a chair assembly. A stair lift does require that the rider transfers to the stair lift chair for the ride. Stair lifts are available for all types of stairs – straight or curved.

Platform lifts are mini home elevators that provides a platform to allow the rider (and a caregiver, if desired) to either stand or sit in their wheel chair or power chair and move from ground to porch/platform level. Platform lifts are great instead of a ramp as they take up much less space than a ramp constructed to the ADA-recommended 1 foot of ramp per 1 inch of rise.

Ceiling lifts allow caregivers to lift/transfer their patient to/from the bed, wheelchair, bath, commode, whirlpool, floor...just about anywhere throughout the home. We offer a variety of lift styles: ceiling-mounted, free-standing (no ceiling attachment required), rolling/floor, pool, etc. We also offer lift parts/supplies such as slings, hand controls, etc.

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