Muscovy ducklings and drakes (Spencer VA)

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Lots of muscovy ducks!! I have a pair that are three to four months old. This pair is 50 for the pair. Nice duo to start out raising ducks. I have some six to seven months old hens that will start laying this spring/early summer. They are 25 dollars. Very healthy, feathering out nicely, free ranging and getting all the rations they can eat. I also have a variety of year old drakes available for 15 each. They would be great as roasters or to add new blood to your flock. Healthy, happy and free ranging. Big, strong, tame drakes. They are also very beautiful.
Muscovies are a great source of lean, delicious home raised meat. Excellent converters of forage to meat. Eat all kinds of creepy crawlies and pests. Snakes, mice, rats, slugs, spiders, ants....you name it if they can get it in their mouth they will eat it. Like to bathe but don't have to have a pond. A creek, branch or kiddie pool will suffice. Independent and hardy, they are the closest domestic relative of wild ducks so they have very strong survival instincts and the hens are excellent mothers. Lots of colors come from each hatch of ducklings, every one is like unwrapping a Christmas gift. You never know what you are getting. Very entertaining to watch in the yard and garden, and not loud, mostly they will hiss and peep, not honk or quack.
Email only. Meet at TSC in Ridgeway VA. Cash only.

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