NEW Passive Bookshelf Speakers - $40 (High Point)

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【2-Way Passive Bookshelf Speakers】Starfavor Bookshelf Speakers allow for accurate and detailed sound reproduction, ensuring you can hear every nuance of your music. Passive speakers pair can be used in various settings and with a wide range of audio equipment. They can be connected to a stereo receiver, an amplifier, or even a computer or portable device with the right cables.

【4-Inch Copper-sprayed Woofer】 Not only does the desk speaker's 4" copper-plated woofer dissipate heat more effectively than other types of woofers, ensuring the woofer will perform at its best even during extended periods of use, but it is also capable of handling higher power than other types of woofers level, which allows it greater flexibility in the types of music it can play, and also produces a more dynamic and punchy sound with clear and accurate reproduction of lower frequencies.

【1.5" Aluminum Tweeter】The passive speaker's 1.5" aluminum tweeter achieves an even distribution of sound throughout the listening area. With its 50W RMS and 100W peak power handling capabilities, this tweeter is capable of handling even the most demanding music genres without any distortion. Its special acoustic design combined with high-power handling delivers unrivaled sound quality and clarity, ensuring you get the best out of your music.

【All-Wood MDF ROHS Cabinet】Bookshelf speaker with wooden cabinets adds an extra layer of depth and richness to the sound, creating an immersive listening experience. It delivers a natural sonic character, ensuring that every note and beat is delivered with crystal-clear precision. The solid construction of the all-wood MDF ROHS cabinet ensures it will withstand years of use, while the sleek design makes it a perfect fit for any home or office.

【Perfect Choice for Audiophiles】 Record player speakers are able to act as surround sound speakers or center speakers. Wired speakers for stereo can help to create a more balanced sound. This is because the stereo speakers are placed strategically around the room, allowing for more even distribution of sound. This can help to prevent the sound from being too heavy on one side or the other. You can create a fuller, more encompassing soundstage that better fills the room with music.

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