1972 Vintage HH Scott 357 AM FM Receiver & Manual ! - $150 (Greensboro)

1972 Vintage HH Scott 357 AM FM Receiver & Manual ! 1 thumbnail1972 Vintage HH Scott 357 AM FM Receiver & Manual ! 2 thumbnail1972 Vintage HH Scott 357 AM FM Receiver & Manual ! 3 thumbnail1972 Vintage HH Scott 357 AM FM Receiver & Manual ! 4 thumbnail1972 Vintage HH Scott 357 AM FM Receiver & Manual ! 5 thumbnail
Elm St near Bessemer Ave

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: HH Scott
model name / number: 357
size / dimensions: 5"H x 15"W x 14"D
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Vintage "silver face" HH Scott 357 AM FM Stereo Receiver. Tested and all functions work as they should... sound performance is equally clean and strong on both L & R channels, with no background hum. Made in USA in 1972, with excellent build quality. Conservatively rated at 25 watts/ch RMS.... perfect for driving a good pair of bookshelf speakers. Receiver has 2 PHONO positions, High and Low. For any record changer or turntable with a MAGNETIC cartridge output less than 5 millivolts, the Input Selector should be set to the Phono Low position... and for magnetic cartridges with output greater than 5 millivolts, Input Selector should be set to Phono High.Has a Tape Monitor function. I replaced the 2, 2000uf/30V coupling capacitors about 3 yrs ago, and recently cleaned all pots/controls and switches with electronics cleaner. Sound performance is very good now, but If I were going to use this 357 as a regular, daily player, I'd probably do a complete recap job in the near future, esp based on age of old electrolytic caps.

Not sure yet of power rate (RMS) but I just bought an original Owners Manual that will have all specs... should arrive by 04/12/23 or so, and will be included with the 357. Based on 40 years of working with home audio, and the loudness of output with Volume knob being between 10 & 12 O'clock position.. I'd estimate power rating around 20-25 watts/ch RMS, based on 70's conservative rating methods. This will absolutely drive an efficient pair of medium to large bookshelf speakers at normal to slightly loud listening levels. And probably floor speakers at full/normal listening levels.

The 3, 1847 dial scale lamps, 1866 green lamp for AM/FM tuning meter/window and the 1819 orange lamp for FM STEREO indicator are all working. The dial scale lights up to a soft green, and the AM/FM tuning window is also a soft green when AM or FM MONO are playing... when an FM STEREO station has been received and tuned to center, the tuning window light changes to orange. Can hear the channel separation change when switching the FM MONO/STEREO selector switch so the MPX is processing as it should. (Mono mode is nice when wanting to quiet down background static & hiss, usually present when listening to a far-away radio station). Receiver has a built-in FM antenna, and screws to connect an external T-Wire dipole antenna for even better distant reception. Dimensions of black textured, vinyl over steel case are 5"H x 15"W x 14"D. There are a few light scratches along the top edge/side of faceplate but nothing horrible or distracting... not even noticeable once receiver is placed in stereo rack or in its normal playing location.

Great little receiver for the vintage HH Scott collector! Includes an original hard-copy, Owners Manual ! Selling locally for $150 FIRM, cash only ! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY, send a name, phone # and a specific day & time preferred to confirm condition and buy/pickup. I will have the receiver connected to my speakers and a line-level input source (e.g. CD Player) to demo the FM Stereo and another source/input work perfectly. If needed, I can also connect a turntable to demo the phono stage works fine.

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