What happens when you cross a Color-changing Unicorness, a Gypsy Fortune Teller, a Bizzaro-World Brainiac, and the Jolly Green Gingerbread Man, all crammed into a Warp-Speed UFO? MAGIC! That's what!
Destined to go through Dimensions and Worlds together exploring people, places and things, we four enlightened, heightened but never frightened Cosmic human beings are looking for somewhere to rent by the week, $200-$250/week or under please. Two weeks deposit up front.
Will take any structure except an apartment or duplex. Number of beds/baths unimportant. Condition of rental unimportant. We can paint and make minor repairs ourselves. All of us are employed and responsible.
Here's what you CAN expect from us: sunrise yoga/meditation, laughter, good vibrations, moonlight drum circles, dancing in the rain, free psychic readings, creativity, artsy endeavors, tree hugging, peace & love, midnight rides out, full moon ghost gatherings, shhh quiet after midnight, respect of your privacy and property, rent paid on time weekly, maintaining clean and aesthetic surroundings, and best of all, magic in the air!
Here's what you CANNOTexpect from us: loud parties or music, drugs or drama, litter or filth, chaos, destruction of property, late rent payments, disrespect of your kindness, time, privacy or property, any form of hassle or annoyance, theft or deception of any kind, or negative energy.
We Live and Let Live. We Be and Let Be. We Flow and Let Flow. And it has worked for us for years. We are an enchanted little group in desperate, immediate need of somewhere to park the ship (per say, lol).
If you'd like to make some extra money every week and you have a free-standing place with electricity and water included in the rent, and if we haven't scared you off so far, please reply asap, these hotels are expensive!
We vow to take impeccable care of the rental, to not bother anyone around us, to keep to ourselves and to leave the rental in better condition than we found it. We are a friendly, accepting-of-everyone, compassionate, funny, holistic, easy-breezy bunch of eccentric energies whimsically melded together.
We are two couples, man/woman style, best friends for many years, living, loving,, laughing and learning. We are all over 40 living an extremely simplistic lifestyle with very little belongings/baggage.
To our future landlord: Humungatrocious gratitude for your consideration and acceptance of us. We are anxiously awaiting your reply and rental. You won't regret it.
* PLEASE NOTE - Must be in one of the following areas to accommodate our jobs: Pleasant Garden, Climax, Franklinville, Julian, Liberty, Siler City, Gibsonville, Whitsett, McCleansville and Randleman. Sending Love, Light & Blessings to all who have taken the time to read this... Please pass the word along. Namaste.

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